The Guardian datablog: National trends in rail fare hike

Earlier this week, The Guardian published some national data on the rail fare hike. It includes fare hikes from 2004 onwards and is compared against the inflation rates.

The data is sourced from the Office of the Rail Regulator and is visualised with interactive charts on datawrapper.

On 13 August, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced train fare hikes after the Retail Price Index inflation figures were released.

Regulated fares are set to go up by 4.1 per cent from January 2014 onwards and some season tickets can go up by 9.0 per cent.

The chart below has data from 2004 onwards and shows percentage changes in rail fares compared to changes in inflation:

Guardian interactive data on train fare increase

Another chart, on passenger feedbacks, is also very interesting. It uses:

“official statistics that show a surprising number of praise comments compared to complaints from passengers. “

This is in sharp contrast to the reactions and protests by trade unions and campaign groups that seem to convey that passengers are enraged with the recent fare hikes.

This data on the Guardian datablog also gives figures from 2007-08 onwards, showing a consistency in the passenger feedback trends.

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