Traffic held up in Sutton Coldfield after accident

An accident on Saturday afternoon held up traffic for over an hour at A452, Sutton Coldfield on Chester Road North.

Roads were closed between  the Roylesden Cresent junction and the Monmouth drive junction.

While details of the accident are not available yet, commuters and residents of the area said a car collided into a road divider and flipped over.

The incident took place between 3:00-4:00pm. According to local shop owners around the area, two ambulances and a fire service vehicle reached the accident spot soon after.

Traffic held up due to raod accident

Comments from commuters and residents of the area

Gurjit Gill, a local shop owner on Chester Road North said:

Adelle Burns, a resident of Chester Road said:

The incident, reported elsewhere by the local media:

BBC local live sutton coldfield accident

Another round of #phantombuses due to traffic gridlock

A large number of commuters were left staring at bus stop Real Time Information screens and mobile phone apps as the traffic came to a grinding halt this afternoon.

About an hour later it was confirmed by the National Express twitter updates that there has been a gridlock in the city with the emergency landing of an air ambulance near the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.



Despite repeated attempts, there were no comments or confirmation available from the West Midlands Ambulance Service press office on this. Here is what commuters said on twitter:  

Most of the tweets and pictures today afternoon were sent by Lois Stanley, a commuter who has been a part of the crowd sources #phantombuses initiative for two weeks now.