VIDEO: What do cyclists do at traffic junctions for their safety?

Chris Lowe, a cyclist from the campaign group Push Bikes, explained to Brum Transport the problems cyclists face at traffic junctions while trying to cross the streets.

In the video here, Chris is at a traffic junction Great Charles Street Queensway. He crosses this junction everyday on his way to work.

He says,

“We either have to learn to cycle in traffic or get off the bike and push it across the street – and neither of them is the best solution. We want a solution that makes a cyclist feel safe.”

Chris feels the £24m grants that were recently announced for Birmingham as a part of the cycle city ambition bid need to focus on buidling cycling infrastructure around traffic junctions.

Earlier on Brum Transport: AUDIO – Mum stops traffic in Kings Heath to make streets safer for cyclists.

Soon to follow: Graham Lennard from the Birmingham City Council on what are the next steps with the £24m cycling funds. 

VIDEO: ‘Some traffic changes made during A38 closures will stay on’ – Kevin Hicks

Analysing the traffic patterns during the 6 weeks of tunnel closures, Kevin Hicks, Traffic Manager, Birmingham City Council, said some traffic changes will continue even now.

The tunnels were closed from 19 July to 2 September.

In an interview with Brum Transport, he explained why some of these alterations will be useful even outside the closures and the summer holiday periods:

Soon to follow: Reactions from commuters during the closures and after the reopening of the tunnels

VIDEO: Eddie Fellows, Amey, on the A38 Tunnel closures

On 23 July, (second work-day of the A38 tunnel closures), Eddie Fellows, Highway Networks manager, Amey, spoke to Brum Transport about the plans for next six weeks for the refurbishment of the 40 year old tunnels.

In the interview here, he talks about the funds for the refurbishment works, whether there were options other than a total shut down of the tunnels and and how traffic flow will be monitored to help commuters.

As reported earlier by Brum Transport, the A38 St Chad’s and Queensway tunnels were closed on 19 July, at about 10pm for the repair works.

The tunnels will be closed again next summer for six weeks of school holidays for electronics works including installing cameras, emergency contact systems and ventilations.

Soon to follow: Audio clips of commuters responses and reactions during the first week of the tunnel closures.