Fines for careless driving – police wary of enforcement

PHOTO: Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons)

Drivers flouting lane discipline can now be fined £100 on the spot and three points on their driver’s licences for offences like middle lane hogging, tailgating and other careless offences.

However, the Police Federation has expressed concerns regarding the enforcement of these new measures.

Steve White, vice-chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

“This is a very positive move by the Department of Transport. But in practice it will wholly rely on having adequately resourced police service to enforce.”

In an interview to The Telegraph, he said, the number of police officers per 100,000 of the population is at its lowest since the 1970s.

Increase in Penalties

Endorsable fixed penalty offences (for which drivers get points on licences):

From £200 to £300 – driving without a third party insurance rises.

From  £120 to £200 – failure to identify driver

From £60 to £100

    • speaking on the phone
    • speeding
    • reversing on a motorway
    • not stopping at a red light

The changes to the system of fines, announced by the Department for Transport,  are a part of the changes that will give the police the powers to issue on the spot fixed penalties for careless driving.