2 Brum-London trains among top 10 most crowded

Two of the 10 most overcrowded trains in England and Wales are on the Birmingham New Street-London Euston lines.

The 20:17 and 20:03 trains were the most over crowded trains, spring 2013 data from the Department for Transport has revealed.

Main findings of the report for Birmingham said:

  • On an average 39,000 passengers arrive into Central Birmingham during the morning peak hours, the highest outside of London.
  • At the trains busiest points, 9.0% passengers were standing during the morning peak hours and 8.5% during the afternoon peak hours.

Passenger numbers have increased since 2012, when disruption of the London Midlands services had led to a reduced demand.

Rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays in England and Wales in 2013

Rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays in England and Wales in 2013. SOURCE: Department for Transport

AM peak arrivals is the number of passengers arriving into the city centre by national rail on a typical autumn weekday during the three hour morning peak (7 – 10am). 

Peak PiXC is the percentage of passengers in excess of capacity (PiXC) across the morning and evening peaks on a typical autumn weekday. It is the main measure of crowding in these statistics. A higher PiXCpercentage represents a worse crowding level.

Rails unions protest at over 50 train stations nationwide

Rail unions are gathering today at over 50 stations, including the Birmingham New Street station and the Birmingham International station to protest fare hikes announced this morning.

Rail travellers face an increase in rail fare ranging from 4.3 – 9.1 per cent. The revised fares will be implemented from January 2014.

Brum Transport reports live from the protests organised by the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union in Birmingham:


Soon to follow: Interview with Ken Usher, regional organiser, Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) workers union.