‘New shop old charm’ – Brum Transport in the Moseley B13 Magazine

September, 2013

Replacing the nearly 80 year old Woodbridge Hardware store, Moseley Mechanix is the new bike repairs shop in the area.

Sean Durrant – a cyclist and a bike mechanic for more than 25 years now, says he will:

 “…change as little as possible from what is left of the old Woodbridge Hardware store.”

Alongside the various bike frames and a vintage scooter, he has already put up a few of his art works as well on his shop window.

The story was published in the September, 2103 issue of the Moseley B13 magazine.

Brum Transport in the Moseley B13 magazine

Cycling in Moseley – How safe do cyclists feel?

This story appeared in the July, 2013 issue Moseley B13 magazine.

Cycling enthusiast Esther Boyd talks about her people cycling on pavements, Councillor Lisa Trickett about the 20 year cycling ambition for Birmingham and Yvonne Gilligan from Sustrans, about the way they think cycling can be promoted in the city.

done thru powerpointIn case the above is difficult to read via my twitter pictures on @brumtransport, a better print of this is available here at my portfolio blog.