Audio: “2nd runway will be a need in 20 years in Brum”

With the proposed expansion plans being announced for the Birmingham airport, opinion has been divided for a while now.

While airport officials have been arguing the case for the expansion, local residents have opposed it on various grounds.

To get to know more about various sides of the argument, Brum Transport spoke to Howard Wheeldon, independent aerospace analyst.

‘Why there is a need for expansion?’

Airports are a noisy affair, but vital to the local and national economy. Planning for future traffic is always crucial to the aviation industry, he says.

Challenges faced by the expansion plans

On being asked about the problems the expansion plans are likely to face, he says villages and nearby roads surrounding the airport are a cause for concern. The initial airport plan in the 1930s never had the forward thinking the aviation industry demands:

Boost to local economy?

Talking about the job prospects that the expansion might create, he says, while the figures might not be as high as are being claimed now, but will definitely expand the wider regional economy:

Soon to follow: Reactions from local residents on the proposed 2nd runway at the Birmingham Airport