Day 1 and day 2 of #Brumtunnel closures

A few hours before the Queensway and the St Chad’s would be closed for six weeks.

Taken on Friday evening, 19 July:



Before the #brumtunnel closureIMAG0166


And, after:

Queesnway closed


From the footbridge overlooking the Queensway tunnel, now closed for six weeks (till September), taken on Saturday afternoon. 

View on Saturday afternoon


Bus lanes a priority? Looks like we’re already dreading Monday morning

Priority to buses

Some useful pages to lookout for more updates:

  1. Amey – for information on what’s happening
  2. National Express – for free Park and ride options
  3. BBC Travel News - for planning your day if you’re heading into town
  4. #Brumtunnels
  5. #Tunnelclosures

The Queensway and the St Chad’s tunnels on the A38 were closed at 10pm on 19 July for repair works over the summers.

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