FARE HIKE: 2.5% increase in rail ticket prices

In this new year, rail passengers will pay 2.5 per cent more on tickets.
This includes regulated fares like season tickets, with average rise in fares of about 2.2 per cent.

fare hike During his visit today at the Birmingham New Street station, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said:

“The work at Birmingham New Street is truly impressive and will make a real difference to passengers when it completes later this year. As we invest in projects like this, it is important that we recognise passengers’ concerns about the cost of rail fares. This is why we have frozen them for the second year in a row.”

His visit today was followed by a major signalling problems at the New Street Station leading to disruption in services earlier this morning. Delays were seen till 3pm and some replacement services were provided earlier in the day.

However, passengers reported delays and other problems till late this afternoon.

Unions and passenger groups have protested the hikes, comparing them to a corresponding lack of rise in wages.

Campaign for Better Transport have this interactive Fare v Wage calculator on their website :

fares v wages

While this 2.2 per cent is the lowest increase in the last 5 years, they have said passengers will struggle to get to work without substantial increase in salaries.

Day 1 and day 2 of #Brumtunnel closures

A few hours before the Queensway and the St Chad’s would be closed for six weeks.

Taken on Friday evening, 19 July:



Before the #brumtunnel closureIMAG0166


And, after:

Queesnway closed


From the footbridge overlooking the Queensway tunnel, now closed for six weeks (till September), taken on Saturday afternoon. 

View on Saturday afternoon


Bus lanes a priority? Looks like we’re already dreading Monday morning

Priority to buses

Some useful pages to lookout for more updates:

  1. Amey – for information on what’s happening
  2. National Express – for free Park and ride options
  3. BBC Travel News - for planning your day if you’re heading into town
  4. #Brumtunnels
  5. #Tunnelclosures

The Queensway and the St Chad’s tunnels on the A38 were closed at 10pm on 19 July for repair works over the summers.