Birmingham airport expansion: Do Coleshill residents want it?

A public consultation was organised on Tuesday, 30 July, for the residents of Coleshill – the community that will be affected the most by the proposed airport expansion.

Birmingham Airport expansion plans include:

  • Extension of the present runway – The airport currently handles nine million passengers each year. The extension, due to be completed next year, could increase this capacity to 27 million passengers annually.
  • Plans to create a second runway – This could further increase the capacity to 70 million passengers each year and probably compete with the Heathrow airport. The plans have been submitted to an independent committee led by Sir Howard Davies.

The meeting was organised by local MP Dan Byles to bring together Paul Kehoe, CEO, Birmingham Airport, John Morris, public affairs director and other officials to answer questions of the Coleshill residents.

Live tweets from the meeting with comments, reactions and questions:


Soon to follow: Interviews with MP Dan Byles, members of Coleshill civic society, airport officials, and independent experts.

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