At Brum Transport, we try to look at transport from a commuter’s perspective. We have breaking stories covered regularly and other investigations that take weeks/months to reach a conclusion.

We welcome ideas for collaborations and contributions from anyone willing to talk about buses, trains, roads, highways, infrastructure or any other aspect of commute.

Collaborative journalism works by Brum Transport with the local and trade press include:

Some of these are also on the Brum Transport in the News page.

Recently Brum Transport was shortlisted for the Guardian Student Media Awards 2013.


You can be a part of Brum Transport through #phantombuses –  a crowd sourced experiment started on twitter on July 25. We’ve been trying to find out how many buses actually turn up on time and whether commuters know if the next bus is coming or not.

If there are any other aspects of public transport for which you would want to collaborate/ comment  you can get in touch with us @brumtransport.

 About the beginning

cover photo

Pupul Chatterjee started Brum Transport in February 2013 as a wordpress blog, which she later turned into a website in June.

She’s a freelance journalist and her interests include transport, public policy and developing an understanding of how the bureaucracy works.

A recent graduate from the Birmingham City University, before this she was working as a transport and education correspondent at The Indian Express in Pune, India.

More details of her previous work are available at her online portfoilo here. If you have any bright ideas for Brum Transport, feel free to shout out to her on twitter: @pupulchatterjee

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