Audio: Are information screens at bus stops working?


Regional transport authority Centro, responsible for bus stops in the city, spends over 100,000 pounds annually on the maintenance of the Real Time Information (RTI) screens at bus stops. This budget covers about 1500 screens in the West Midlands region covered by Centro.

But are these screens functioning? IĀ found out what the commuters think of them and what Centro has to say about the matter.

9 thoughts on “Audio: Are information screens at bus stops working?

    • Also for those who seem to wait at the bus stops forever for a bus to turn up. Today I waited for a bus for 20 minutes and then decided to walk to the university. By the time I reached the next bus stop, I got to know that there was an accident on that road because of which all buses got held up

      • Also, try if you could decode this behaviour of the Public Transport buses. See, whenever you are waiting for a bus at a bus-stop for a certain destination; all the buses would come and pass by except the one to your destination. I have observed this a millions times. This happens especially when you are in a hurry, getting late to a meeting at the office or for to a movie. Why don’t you do a story on this? You can speak to some psychoanalysts or somebody or deepak pardeshi. Lol.
        (By the way, the use of the sound of a passing vehicle at the beginning and end of the audio clip is imaginative. Just that i doubt a public transport bus can be so smooth and make sounds which could be used for musical effect.

  1. I recorded those sounds on the bus and at the bus stops on my way back home on three separate days.
    Audio clips always work better with ambience sounds to paint a picture in the listener’s mind. A BBC Radio advert once had a very apt tagline that said, ‘…because we have the best pictures’

  2. Very impressed with the multimedia approach at presenting these views. Is there any way to integrate more information on the topic into visuals, maybe a marked map showing some of the screens and their status?

  3. Thanks Jess! Maps is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but haven’t been able to plan well. Mapping the status of bus stops sounds like a very good idea.

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