AUDIO: ‘Leaving EU to be a huge setback for disabled people in the UK’ – Richard Rieser

“Our European Union membership has been of great benefit to disabled people – for instance the European Equal Employment directive. Leaving the EU will mean we will go backwards in such things”

said Richard Rieser, founder of Disable History Month.

He chaired the round table session at Moving On Accessible Transport 2013 held at the Coventry Transport Museum on 23 November.

More from him on Europe, UK and accessible transport:


VIDEO: ‘Taxis cite health and safety reasons to refuse wheelchair users’ – Sarah Rennie

3 out of 5 taxi drivers refuse to take me, said Sarah Rennie, a wheelchair user who has been using taxis for over 10 years in Birmingham.

Sarah’s comment at the Moving On Accessible Transport 2013 led to an entire segment of discussions on whether licences should be suspended for drivers found discriminating against disabled passengers.


Changes needed in taxi licences, shared city spaces for greater accessibility?

“Why do I need to plan my life with military precision just because I’m on a wheelchair”

asked Zara Todd at the Moving On Accessible Transport 2013 round table discussion.

Many others like Zara shared their views as regular public transport and road users, and accessibility and transport experts and the challenges they face every day at the Coventry Transport Museum.

A roundup of the discussions:

More VIDEOS and AUDIOS soon on Brum Transport from Zara Todd, Sarah Rennie, Richard Rieser

VIDEO: Can camera drones be used for traffic management in Brum?

Could local councils replace helicopters with camera-drones to monitor traffic and carry out land surveys?

Drones are a greener and cheaper option. But they need to be used with caution, warns Birmingham based film-maker Didier Soulier from Onedayinmylife Video Productions.

Sharika Nambiar finds out more with Pupul Chatterjee for Brum Transport: